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Meet Ambrosia


- C. 740 B.C. I was born in a small river in Greece
- C. 450 B.C. I started testing my legs - literally!

- C. 425 B.C. I finally spent a whole day on land, on what is now Mykonos, because I'd gained enough resistance to the natural atmosphere of the Earth for me to do so.  It was wonderful

- C. 380 B.C. was when I decided that there was more to the world than I was seeing, and I'm a very curious mermaid and want to know as much as I can, so I left Mykonos's waters behind and went west
- C. 340 B.C. I saw some other land, I think it was probably modern-day Spain, and decided to hang around in those waters for a while.

- C. 200 B.C. to C. 250 A.D was kind of a blur.  I went to Greece again, wound up in some part of Asia, and went back to modern-day Spain.  I spent a few years there, again, time on land, before moving on.
- About 500 years ago I decided to cross the Atlantic. I saw ships were moving and got exceedingly curious.  Though I will admit I got turned around and found myself in a collection of rather intimidating waters you know as the Bermuda Triangle.

- Roughly 450 years ago, I met a very nice kraken in the Triangle who helped me navigate back to my destination, the West.

- About 200 years ago, I'm a bit directionally-challenged, I landed on the coast of modern-day Cozumel, Mexico.

- 150 years ago I swam around the continent(s), using water ways and getting turned around.
And, well, the rest you'll have to ask me when you meet me.  I need to keep some stories to tell.

Being a mermaid isn’t something you learn - it’s something you’re born into. Early on in my life I realized that I had to express myself through the water's movement around me - making whirlpools in the hotel pools when I traveled on land for instance.

~ Rates ~

Fabric tail, no accessories: 13.50/hour + travel expenses

Good Tail, no accessories: 27/hour + travel expenses

Packages (accessories and all): 40/hr + travel expenses (fabric tail)

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